Is chocolate shipped all year round also during warm weather or to warmer places?


We can ship all year long but we recommend our clients to avoid ordering chocolate during summer or to have their packages shipped to countries where the temperature is high.


Do you ship to any county?


For the moment we only ship to Europe and Japan.


 Do you offer same-day shipping?


No sorry except in Monaco


Can you hold my order for a future date?


Yes of course. If your desire to have your chocolate shipped at a later date, please add a note under the order in the appropriate note window to that effect.


What shipping carriers do you use?


We use the Colissimo service of the French Post Office.


When will my order be processed?


We process your order within 48 hours. Pick up and delivery will then depend on the Colissimo Service of the French Post Office which generally go from 3 to 5 working days. Please add a few extra days for shipping  to Europe or Japan. Should you require a faster delivery time, please add a note to that effect. Our shipping department will contact you with an offer for a faster delivery time and the cost involved. As far as freshness is concerned, we take particular care to maintain the products in optimum conditions and ship our products fresh.


Can I ship to more than one person and more to one location?


Unfortunately for the moment, the only way to do so would be to enter a separate order for every person you wish to send the products to.


Can I order a box of all of one piece or select the pieces I want in the box?


Yes of course. Please send us an email with your wish and we will process it and reply to you with all details.


Will I receive an order confirmation?


yes of course via email immediately after confirming your order.


Will I receive a shipping confirmation?


When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation from us.


How far ahead should I place my orders for weddings etc?


We recommend that you place your order about 5 to 6 weeks before the event and select a delivery date of ten days prior to the event. Store the favors in a cool, dark place. 



Does your chocolate contain dairy products?


Although none of our products include fresh dairy products except for our truffles, all of our chocolates may contain traces of power milk. Any person with a dairy allergy should NOT consume any of our products.


Does your chocolate contain nuts?


Yes all of our products may contain nuts since most of them are pralines. Any person with a nut allergy should NOT consume any of our products.


Does your chocolate contain gluten?


All of our products may contain gluten. Any person with a gluten allergy should NOT consume any of our products.



How long will your chocolates keep their freshness?


Unlike most other leading brands, Monaco chocolates are never frozen when produced. They are made the old traditional way. This technology (succeeding in offering excellent quality taste without using fresh milk or cream) gave us a tremendous edge over the competition. it is the result of several years of research and analysis and we are proud to offer it to our worldwide clients.


Health risk are usually involved with the conservation of products made of cream and/or milk but our chocolates are safe. Thanks to this, the shelf life of Monaco chocolates well exceeds six months when stored in adequate environment (16 to 19 degrees C or around 70 degrees F and a humidity level below 60%, avoiding of course direct sunlight).





Do you feature products with alcohol included?


No we guarantee that all our products are free of liquor or alcohol. The only exception is the Confiseur Champagne which you can find in our Heritage Ballotin. If  you want an assortment without alcohol, please let us know and we will prepare it.


Where are Chocolaterie de Monaco's products distributed?


We sell our products in our Home country Monaco of course. Our store is located in the old part of town on Place de la Visitation. We also sell them in the famous Metropole Mall at Comtesse du Barry exclusive store. Overseas, we are distributed in the reputable Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and Matsuzakaya Department store chains in Japan every year at Valentine period.


Is your tea line loose or in tea bags?


It is loose  in order to guaranty an excellent quality tea.