About us


Chocolaterie de Monaco is a monegasque registered company established in 1920. It is privately held by local investors.  This company has always been in local hands except for a brief period after the second world war when it was owned by an Italian large chocolate concern.Over the years, the range of our products evolved significantly and spread to the wonderful world of tea


Our company

We at the Chocolaterie de Monaco measure the importance of social responsibility and do exercise it as a matter of principle. We do sponsor several events and several actions including the noble work of Princess Grace Foundation USA (www.pgfusa.com) and other institutions in Monaco, the United States, France and elsewhere.

We are regularly approached by several enthusiastic parties but unfortunately cannot honor every request.

Our sponsorship approach changed in the last five years and we have decided to seek for ourselves the actions which can be sponsored by us.

Therefore we invite interested parties to please refrain from contacting us as our program is already full for 2010 and 2011.

All of our sponsorship actions are of course non commercial in nature and exclusively for charitable purposes. 


Chocolaterie de Monaco in 1920