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  • There is no tastier way to enjoy chocolate than the traditional 100g bars. Our classic Large 72% Dark Chocolate Bar is sure to delight any true chocolate lover. It is scored into many squares so you can break off a little piece of la Chocolaterie de Monaco every day or share it with friends.

  • We use 85% cocoa solids for an intense hit of cocoa. But, like everything we do, it's balanced with just enough sugar to separete the bitterness and the acidity, resulting in an almost savoury note. Fantastically intense tasting chocolate.

  • This dark 99% chocolate bar was specially created for Prince Rainier III who was a diabetic but also a huge chocolate lover. Given his zero tolerance to sugar, we prepared this recipe composed exclusively of cacao without any sugar or fat.

  • Founded in 1920, la Chocolaterie de Monaco faithfully continues its quest for the selection and processing of the best cocoa beans. The Extreme collection offers a series of new flavors and mixes.

  • Pure and simple. Nothing can replace this milk classic.

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