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  • Chocolats de Monaco
    Elegant pralines topped with a delicate decor specific to each flavor, the legendary « Chocolat de Monaco » was created to mark the wedding of Prince Rainier III with Princess Grace in April 1956. This « Wedding of the Century » is still considered as one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever. This prestigious chocolate collection continues to meet success and satisfaction through its 13 flavors: Cacao, Moka, Thé, Tradition, Vanille, Piémont, Monaco, Orange, Caramel, Crospie, Rose, Mandarine and Pistache.
  • Couronnes Monégasques
    Prestigious classic pralines coated in milk or dark chocolate according to traditional recipes. The Monaco Crown was introduced to celebrate the accession to the throne of H.S.H. the Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2005.
  • Confiseurs
    La Chocolaterie de Monaco re-invents the taste of chocolate with a generous collection of pralines individually wrapped in a shiny paper to maintain freshness. This collection proposes 9 flavors among Champagne, Extra Dark, Caramel, Lait, Blanc, Pistache, Pécan, Nougatine and Gianduja.
  • Rochers Princiers
    Tasty hazelnuts pralines coated with caramelized almonds splinters coated with milk, dark or white chocolate.
  • Truffles
    Melting traditional ganaches that perfectly balance dark chocolate and cream with cocoa powder.
  • Napolitains
    Tasty thin chocolate squares made in the pure tradition. Indispensable at home to enjoy a coffee break or to relax with a cup of tea.
  • Gianduiotti
    Delectable chocolates made from hazelnuts finely crushed and chocolate paste. Gourmet tradition from Turin, the Gianduiotti of the Chocolaterie de Monaco will make the delight of all the chocolate connoisseurs.
  • Orangette
    Tasty candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate, orangettes embody the alliance of fruit flavors with the intensity of dark chocolate which turns them into an exciting chocolate experience.
  • Mendiants
    Delicious milk and dark chocolate disks topped with a wonderful combination of dried and candied fruits. Very popular in France during Christmas and New Year’s celebration.
  • Almonds and Hazelnuts
    Carefuly toasted almond or hazelnut, coated with delicious and smooth milk or dark chocolate.
  • In this charming sober brown box, let yourself be tempted by our gourmet squares in a whole variety of four different flavors made in the pure tradition. Indispensable at home to enjoy coffee break or to relax with a cup of tea.

  • This treasure tin box was introduced to mark the reopening of the Monte-Carlo Casino and the Opera House after years of renovation under the inspiration of the late Prince Rainier III de Monaco. Wonderful assortment of 70 Chocolats de Monaco on 2 layers.

  • Magnificent scintillating red box with 4 Monaco Crowns and 12 Chocolats de Monaco (Milk and Dark Praline).

  • 9 delicious Extra Dark pralines individually wrapped in shiny colored foils to maintain freshness. For the real chocolate lovers who can only enjoy pure dark chocolate.    

  • Perfectly toasted supreme size almonds, gently covered in delicious and smooth dark chocolate. Ideal for after dinner, or even as a stocking filler. An irresistible moment of pure gourmandise.    

  • Perfectly toasted supreme size hazelnuts, gently covered in delicious and smooth milk chocolate. Ideal for after dinner, or even as a stocking filler. An irresistible moment of pure gourmandise.    

  • Delicious dark chocolate disks topped with a combination of 3 caramelized dried fruits and one piece of candied orange peel.  In the French chocolate making tradition, this wonderful assortment of nuts will give you an exciting chocolate experience.

  • A special way to give your heart to someone you love.

  • Wonderful heart shaped box, lizard skin effect contening 10 Chocolats de Monaco. Exceptional gift.

  • Filled with a selection of 8 Chocolats de Monaco, legendary pieces created for the commemoration of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III's wedding. This little gift box will satisfy the "gourmets".    

  • These are perfect for dark chocolate lovers. From a unique knowledge with cocoa powder as traditional covering, Truffles are filled with a melting ganache perfectly balancing dark chocolate and cream. Close your eyes and savor the levels of flavor in this peerless creation.

  •  32 Napolitains and 5 assorted Confiseurs.

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